FAQ - Terra related

What's terra

Terra is an open-source 3rd party terrain Generator, pnx included it in terra branch, You can use terra to generate epic worlds in pnx.

Enable Terra

To enable Terra and apply Terra to your world, the following two steps are required:

In file server.properties:


In file nukkit.yml:

  Name of the world:
   seed: Seed of your world
   generator: terra:default

Then, restart the server, and now you can try the terra terrain generator.

Why terra doesn't work

Too much memory used

Sorry for the excessive memory usage, but due to the complexity of the terra algorithm and the high level of customization, it is inevitable that about 300MB of memory is used at startup. We have done our best to optimize it.
If you really want to reduce memory usage, you can try modifying ./terra/config/yml

  structure: 0 # default 32
  sampler: 0 # default 128
  biome-provider: 0 # default 32

Please note that this will affect performance and increase CPU load.

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