Resource package encryption

The resource package encryption here only means that PowerNukkitX supports you to use the resource package encrypted by you. You only need to configure a 32-key for your resource package according to the following tutorial to enable the player client to load normally.

Please note that resource package encryption cannot completely prevent people with ulterior motives from stealing your resource package, because it is AES symmetric key encryption.

Just 3 steps, keep up and get started!

1. Encrypt my resource pack

In some sites not managed by PowerNukkitX (encryptmypack), you can easily encrypt your resource package.

Some precautions:

2. Configure your key

The file with the same name as the resource package is named with a .key file extension name. The content is the 32-key corresponding to the resource package.

Example: There are two files in the resource_packs folder.

file name description
x1.mcpack A resource package named x1
x1.mcpack.key This is the key of x1.mcpack resource package

3. Restart the server to make it effective

PowerNukkitX will only load the files in resource_packs when it starts, so you need to restart it to make it take effect.

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